What is stopping us from connecting American workers to these jobs through a domestic guestworker program?

A domestic guestworker program would link job-seeking Americans to employers with labor shortages, without the hassle of procuring an H-2B visa. Temporarily moving into a different state is significantly less expensive than temporarily sponsoring and moving foreign workers across borders. A domestic guestworker program would carry the added benefit of supporting disadvantaged Americans and re-engaging them in the workforce, rather than relying on foreigners who send much of their earnings back home to their native countries. Such a program would not carry numerical limits, unlike the foreign labor programs that all carry necessary caps on the number of available visas. It is likely that employers would not need to dedicate extra resources to overcoming any language barriers between their incoming American guestworkers and themselves.

Who could the government target to include in this program? This list, while not exhaustive, would be a good start, keeping in mind that most positions filled by H-2B workers require little experience, few skills, and almost no educational requirements. These are people who would otherwise be routinely ignored by employers, who would prefer to rely on foreign guestworkers.



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