Employees were terminated because they were unwilling to move to cities in the U.S. where TCS needed more engineers, the company said.

A jury sided with information-technology outsourcing giant Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Wednesday in an employment discrimination lawsuit.

The lawsuit, launched in 2015, alleged that the Mumbai-based conglomerate discriminated against non-South Asian employees. Workers who brought the class-action lawsuit alleged that non-South Asian workers were 13 times more likely to be fired by the company.

The nine-member jury in federal court in Oakland unanimously ruled that the company  “did not have a ‘pattern or practice’ of intentionally discriminating against non-South Asian workers due to their race or national origin,” according to Law360.

Daniel Kotchen, the plaintiff’s lead lawyer, could not immediately be reached for comment. Earlier this month, he told jurors that, “Locals are being fired at a strikingly higher rate,” according to a report from Bloomberg.



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