We urge Congress to keep country caps in order to preserve the integrity of our immigration system and our national policy of diversity therein.

We oppose HR392/S281 the “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act” (hereinafter referred to as “this bill”). It is neither fair, nor is it for the high-skilled, nor is it only for employment-based green cards. This bill completely eliminatescountry caps for all employment-based green cards and more than doublesfamily-based green cards, essentially allowing India, & to a lesser extent, China, to co-op America’s green card system.

This bill is the most radical change to our immigration system in history. It is a sweeping policy change buried in the House DHS appropriations bill (HR6776),which is against house rules. The process through which the activities of government are chosen should be distinct from the process through which those activities are funded.

Moreover, this bill has not had any hearing or impact study assessing the effects on American workers, American businesses, non-Indian immigration, or our immigration system.

This bill seeks the complete removal of the 7% country caps on employment-based green card distribution, put in place to ensure diversity in immigration. In practice, however, India has been receiving roughly 18% of the US allotment of green cards because they’ve recaptured unused green cards from countries that have not been able to secure H1B visas for their country’s workers.

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