Understanding True Unemployment Numbers

If our President, any President, can say “We are creating jobs”, that will help their administration achieve its goals.

But what if they can’t?

That is why it is important that you have the ability to see through the propaganda.

At the time I wrote this page (3 Jun 2018), the official unemployment number was 3.6 percent.

That is wonderful news, right?


Our government currently has six unemployment numbers they track.

The worst one is the U-6 number which currently is at 7.3 percent.

That is double the official number!

For those wondering what the latest numbers are, you can view them by clicking on the following link.


What follows is the best way I have found to figure out if we are doing good, or bad when it comes to employment and unemployment.

First we must look at our population.

The chart above shows our population.

As you can see, it continues to go steadily up.

So, if we want to keep everybody employed, we need to create more and more jobs as it goes up.

But, we are sending our jobs to other countries in greater and greater quantities.

This DECREASES the jobs we are creating here in America.

AND we are importing more and more guest workers on non-immigrant visas.

This ALSO DECREASES the jobs we have available here in America for our citizens simply because we are NOT creating enough jobs when we send jobs to other countries via free trade agreements which means some American citizens are going without jobs.

And then when we import non-immigrant guest workers, this ALSO DECREASES the jobs we have available here in America for our citizens.

The chart above shows our civilian labor force.

These essentially are the people of working age.

As you can see, it also goes fairly steady upwards, but nowhere near as straight as our population chart does.

This chart simply divides the two.

Notice how the percent working is increasing from about 2011 until present day?

BUT, we are substantially less than we were in the year 2000.

A gain of 233,000 jobs each month simply is NOT keeping up with the population increase each month.

As you can see, FOREIGN BORN are definitely getting the jobs.

NATIVE BORN, not doing so well, huh?

The only solution I can see is to stop sending our jobs to other countries which will create more jobs here at home.

And to stop importing non-immigrant guest workers until ALL Americans that want to work, have jobs as Americans in America.