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Over the last two decades thousands of hard working middle class Americans have seen their lives turned upside down, caused mainly by the rampant use/misuse of the H-1B/L-1 and OPT work visas.

These visas were meant to bring into this country “a limited number of highly skilled workers from a diverse global array of talented individuals” – in other words,  a small number of truly gifted individuals who could add real value to the nation. The visas were never intended to be the vehicle of mass migration that it has turned into over the last 20+ years.

Fast forward to 2018 and big businesses is at it again, this time wanting to fully open the flood gates to cheap labor.  To this end they have gotten members of Congress to co-sponsor House bill – H.R. 392, and the companion Senate bill – S. 281.

If these bills ever get a passing vote in Congress they will decimate the jobs of hundreds of thousands of American citizens, replacing every one of them with a foreign born worker.

We cannot let this happen.