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Workers were not only brought to the United States by means of fraudulent promises of specific employment, but upon arrival, were forced to work at lower than promised wages with no promised overtime.

Colamussi was indicted with former manager Roberto Villanueva, who is not pleading guilty:

Foreign workers were forced to care for Colamussi’s relatives, including his father, and to perform construction work at the Jellyfish Restaurant.  Workers were brought here on brief H-2B visas that expired shortly after their arrival in the United States.  Once their H-2B visas expired, workers were allegedly told by Colamussi and Villanueva to apply for student visas and to fraudulently represent that they intended to attend school full-time and had sufficient resources to support themselves during school.  Colamussi and Villanueva, at times, deposited funds in the workers’ bank accounts to give the appearance of resources and then withdrew the funds once the student visas were approved.

The workers continued to work for Colamussi and Villanueva during the term of their student visas, attending school one day a week.  When the workers objected to performing certain jobs or working consecutive shifts, Colamussi and Villanueva threatened to report them to immigration authorities. Colamussi had many workers whose visas had expired living in his basement of his home in East Northport, New York, and working for him off the books.

The Long Island Newsday newspaper reported, “I told one of them if he continued to complain about not being paid, I would cancel his immigration sponsorship and report him to immigration authorities,” Colamussi said. “I told him he would then lose his immigration status and get deported.”


A ski resort frequented by billionaires like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates is being sued by a group of Jamaican nationals who were brought to the United States to take blue-collar seasonal jobs.

The Yellowstone Club in Montana has been hit with a lawsuit by a group of foreign workers in the country on H-2B visas that were hired by the resort for allegedly cheating them out of tips and pay. The H-2B foreign workers also claim they were treated worse than other employees at the resort.