Category: Trade Adjustment Assistance

94407 – Core Pipe Products, Inc. 170 Tubeway Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60188 – Unknown Workers

This worker group is subject to injury based on notification from USDOL/ITC Investigation 701-TA-585-586 and 731-TA-1383-1384
involving stainless steel flanges from China and India. The determination was published in the Federal Register Vol. 83, No. 107
published on June 4, 2018 and Vol. 83, No. 146 published on July 30, 2018.


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94414 – CMG Mortgage DBA CMG Financial 4949 Meadows Rd., Lake Oswego, OR, 97035 – 20 + Workers

CMG Mortgage Account Manager stated she was laid off along with 20 plus others and jobs shifted to Company ISGN
Solutions in India. See also TAA Petitions 94375, 94282, 93622, 92559, 85220 and 83117 as examples of petitions pending /
certified on mortgage companies shifting jobs to India. We also ran a Business Intelligence Report (UI Report) which shows
23 workers laid off for lack of work over the past 12 months.


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