94427 – General Motors 2300 Hallock-Young Road, Warren OH 44481 – ??? Workers

Current petition 92410 and 92410A will expire on 3/7/2019. Workers are to be laid off beginning 3/11/2019, due to falling demand
for cars and production shifting to SUV’s and trucks. There are 5 down stream companies that will also be affected that have
current petitions 92730 Magna Seating, 92538 Source Providers, 92757 International Automotive Components, 92821 Jamestown
Industries, and 92835 VIUS (dba Leadec Services)


Click on link above to view TAA Form


94428 – Nestle Group 500 Nestle Hollow Lane, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150 – 43 Workers

Nestle Waters will close its Macon County plant, citing heavy competition in the bottled-water industry, company officials
announced. Workers at the Red Boiling Springs facility will receive separation packages, according to a Nestle statement.But no
plans were released to transfer employees to other sites, or to sell the manufacturing complex. Bottled water is a highly competitive
category. The company is evolving the business to better align current operations to meet future needs.


Click on link above to view TAA Form

94429 – Thomson Reuters Corporation – 5665 Meadows Rd STE 400, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 – Up To 106 Workers

Canadian firm Thomson Reuters announced closure of Lake Oswego site – they have announced jobs will be shifted to
Dallas, but their Texas locations have previously shifted jobs primarily to India. There have been 9 Thomson Reuters TAA
Petitions certified in last 2 years, 6 of them for shifting jobs to India. There have been 19 TAA Petitions filed for Thomson
Reuters since 2010, all have been certified primarily for shifting jobs to India and Costa Rica. See also attached job listings
for Thomson Reuters in India.


Click on link above to view TAA Form

94430 – Toys R Us – 5220 N. 27th Street, Lincoln, NE 68521- 30 Workers

Toys R Us declared bankruptcy in March 2018. Toys R Us announced it will close all retail locations throughout the United State by
June 2018. Toys R Us also cited they will move their operations to Canada and continue to operate its overseas markets including
Asia and Central Europe.


Click on link above to view TAA Form

94431 – Crabtree & Evelyn, Ltd., Harvey Supply Chain International LLC – 102 Peake Brook Rd, Woodstock, CT 06281 – 124 Workers

All in house manufacturing is going to third party suppliers globally based on logistics of the Ecommerce business. Manufacturing
and distribution centers will be based globally near regions that they will be sold in.


Click on link above to view TAA Form

It would appear that the backers of FWD.us want to see cop killers walking freely

I understand why the backers of FWD.us do nothing for the millions of technology workers that have been forced from the workforce.

After all, nobody among them wants to see people over 35 working in the technology industry, right Mark?

But so soon after an illegal immigrant killed a policeman, each of you are already footing the bill to advocate freeing people in jail who may or may not be here illegally, well isn’t that a bit cold and shameful on your part?

It is bad enough that Nancy Pelosi will not condemn this illegal immigrant.

But respected businessmen and women who put their hard earned money behind Mark Zuckerberg and FWD.us?


When our loved ones spend time in jail or prison, here’s what they miss:

Helping with homework. Cheering from the bleachers at the big game. Planning an anniversary surprise, blowing out their birthday candles, or saying their goodbyes at the funeral. Spending the holidays at home.

The United States’ incarceration crisis is the result of harmful criminal justice policies, which waste billions of taxpayer dollars while hurting our communities, our economy, and perhaps most of all, our families. People are losing family time while they’re locked up, and so are their loved ones at home. It’s time we can’t get back.

Anyone who cares about injustices in the immigration system that have locked too many out of the American dream for too long should care about failures in the criminal justice system, too. Our country is stronger when all of us have the opportunity to live up to our full potential.

We just released a powerful new video about families who are losing time to our nation’s incarceration crisis. Watch the video for a first-hand view of what so many will experience this holiday season:

Video: 1 in 2 adults in the United States has had an immediate family member incarcerated.Our new report, “Every Second: The Impact of the Incarceration Crisis on America’s Families,” reveals that nearly 1 in 2 adults in the United States has had an immediate family member incarcerated. That’s every second person. And that means millions of families are spending this holiday season without a parent, spouse, sibling, or child.

If we’re going to fix the failed systems that have locked too many families out of the American dream for too long, we need transformative changes to every aspect of the criminal justice system across the country. We need to keep building urgency in the fight to end this growing crisis.

Families are losing precious time to our incarceration crisis. But together, we can build more awareness of the problem in our communities and begin to fix it.

Watch our new video to see what it’s really like to endure the effects of having a loved one incarcerated.

Our country is stronger when families are stronger.

Thank you, and best wishes for the holiday season,

Todd Schulte
President, FWD.us

P.S. The nationwide response to our report has been incredible so far — and I know our powerful new video could move so many more people to join us in the fight to safely and securely reduce incarceration nationwide. I hope you’ll take a minute to listen to the stories of what families lose when a loved one is in jail or prison.

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PO Box 15015
Washington, D.C. 20003