The children of Google

My take on this.

There are human rights abuses going on.

No doubt about it.

So tell me, why do they not speak out about what is being portrayed in this video that really is happening in our world as Corporations put profit ahead of humanity?

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Has Bernie Sanders offered to meet with any of you displaced American STEM workers?

LOS ANGELES — Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders July 26 met with the local ethnic and independent media here – including India-West – in an effort to reach out and engage with minority communities, to explain his campaign’s message of unity and to understand their unique concerns.

In the coming months, his campaign intends to reach out and engage with immigrants and communities of color across the country. The senator was accompanied by his wife Jane and campaign national co-chair Nina Turner. Members of the media representing the Indian American, African American, Filipino, Chinese, Armenian and Latino communities attended the event.

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Virgil Bierschwale for United States Senator -Texas 2020

The only pages that are finished so far are the Home, Texas Economy and Government Spending.

That said, I believe there is enough so that you can tell where I’m going with this.

If you have seen your future destroyed because of:

  • Free Trade Agreements sending your job to another country
  • the Tidal Wave of non-immigrant guest workers being imported to take your job away from you

Then I could use your help spreading the word.

The only way we will be able to ask these questions is if we get my name, or your name on the ballot and that will only happen if we can raise $5,000.00 to file the paperwork with the Texas Government.

This is your chance.

Click here to view my site.

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Would you be interested in helping to do a weekly news channel on free trade agreements and non-immigrant guest workers?

It will take all of us working together to get our politicians and our citizens to realize what really is happening in the American highly skilled job market.

I believe we can do that with about 4 to 8 people willing to help produce this weekly news channel.

As you can see, my first attempt was very rough and that is not good enough.

We also could use $290.00 to upgrade the vmix software to vmix HD which will allow us to bring more material online at one time.

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While I understand the anger, no good can come from this on either side.

A 13-year-old girl identified as Dhriti was in coma and fighting for her life after the attack in Sunnyvale on Tuesday, police said on Friday according to Mercury News.
The girl’s father and 9-year-old brother, identified as Prakhar, were also hurt, according to police. One of the eight people injured was listed as Rajesh Narayan, 45, but it was not known if he was related to the two children.
The driver of the car, Isiah Peoples “intentionally targeted the victims based on their race and his belief that they were of the Muslim faith,” Sunnyvale police chief Phan Ngo said according to local ABC7 TV station.
Peoples was produced in a San Jose court on Friday and charged with attempted murder.
ABC7 TV quoted police as saying that Peoples was on his way to a Bible study group when he drove his car into the pedestrians.
It reported that after the crash, a witness said she heard Peoples say, “Thank you Jesus, praise Jesus.”
The newspaper quoted Ngo as saying that Peoples told detectives that he meant to hit the victims and did not show any remorse. He said that Peoples did not have a known criminal history or make any alarming social media posts.
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