The Trumpenstein Project

It is now more apparent than ever that Donald J. Trump was the creation of someone or something very powerful. He was wound up and escorted directly from his Reality TV world, onto the national political stage. As I’ve noted many times, Trump’s radical, often revolutionary campaign rhetoric appealed to millions of disgruntled citizens like … Read moreThe Trumpenstein Project

The Wild and Wacky Conspiracy World

I don’t think it’s immodest of me to suggest that, in the alternative news/conspiracy world, I have achieved at least some kind of celebrity. However, like entertainment celebrities, and the high schoolers who jockey for position within the ironclad social hierarchy system, I’ll well aware of where I stand in that regard. I’ve had the … Read moreThe Wild and Wacky Conspiracy World

Of Epsteins, Lolitas and Hoaxes

The alleged suicide of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, the owner of “Lolita Island,” a place swarming with underage girls and rich and powerful visitors, triggered even many complacent voices into sounding like “conspiracy theorists.” When the likes of The New York Times and trusty veteran Sen. Chuck Schumer are questioning an official narrative, you know that something is … Read moreOf Epsteins, Lolitas and Hoaxes

America- Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

I’m taking the gloves completely off here. I’ve inferred that Americans collectively are pretty gullible and naive. I’ve invoked comparisons to Mike Judge’s movie Idiocracy. But it’s time to simply tell it like it is: the majority of present-day Americans are stupid beyond belief. This doesn’t include all the increasing number of “awake” people out there, but … Read moreAmerica- Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

The Politics of Personality

The election of Donald Trump planted a loud and divisive lightning rod into the middle of our political discourse. Everything in American politics now is channeled through this billionaire/reality TV star, and how one feels about him. It is not about issues now, not even the limited issues Americans are allowed to discuss. The social justice warriors … Read moreThe Politics of Personality

Reparations-Deep State Exclamation Point

I predicted many years ago, when it was first being suggested in quiet corners of our collapsing country, that one day reparations for slavery will become a reality. In recent weeks, a campaign has begun- a predictable type of media driven agenda to those familiar with gradualism- to push a reparations bill through Congress. Watching … Read moreReparations-Deep State Exclamation Point

“Nazi”-The Slur That Everyone Loves

The National Socialist Party died in 1945, at the same time its leader Adolph Hitler was escorted to Argentina. Following the show trials at Nuremberg, some of the last Nazi leaders were sentenced to death. Others were rewarded by being ushered into America under the CIA’s Operation Paperclip, where they helped establish NASA. Although the … Read more“Nazi”-The Slur That Everyone Loves

Surrendering the Culture War

Pat Buchanan’s strong campaign challenge to sitting President George H.W. Bush in 1992 was derailed only through typical homegrown voting fraud. Allowed to address the Republican convention, Buchanan gave a speech that seems more prescient every day, as we watch America go the way of the Roman empire. “There is a religious war going on … Read moreSurrendering the Culture War