Business groups may point to the low unemployment rate as they lobby for more foreign workers, but unemployment statistics obscure the enormous number of people who are out of the labor market entirely and therefore do not show up as ‘unemployed’. There is a large pool of potential workers in the country who could fill jobs that require modest education.

Immigrants and Natives Not in the Labor Force:In the fourth quarter of 2018, there were a total 47.6 million immigrants and natives ages 18 to 64 not in the labor force (all education levels), up from 42.1 million in 2007 and 36.6 million in 2000.
Of the 47.6 million currently not in the labor force, 37.7 million (79.4 percent) did not have a bachelor’s degree.
The above figures do not include the unemployed, who are considered to be part of the labor force because, although they are not working, they are looking for work. There were 5.8 million unemployed immigrants and natives in the fourth quarter of this year; more than three-fourths of the unemployed do not have a bachelor’s degree.
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I will never be against immigration because of people like this

We need people like this that come here, and make our country a better place.

What I am against is the companies sending our jobs to other countries which DECREASES the total number of jobs available here in America for our fellow citizens.

And the companies importing non-immigrant guest workers to displace Americans in America after forcing their employees to train these replacements.

And the non-immigrant guest workers that work their way into a company and then make it so that American citizens can not be hired simply because they prefer to hire non-immigrant guest workers instead of our citizens that desperately need jobs to provide for their families.

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AEA needs volunteers to fill Board positions.
Minimum 10 years of engineering industry experience will be helpful. Previous experience as Leader Members in other organizations will also be an asset.
Members from all Engineering Disciplines will be considered.
Open Positions
Chapter Officers \96 needed for locations at major industrial areas. Organize monthly meetings, usually held in a local Public Library. This provides an opportunity to interface with many engineers to Network, build Membership and support AEA goals

AEA needs 100,000 Nation wide Members to be able to fund and support an office in the vicinity of Washington DC. The office and staff will maintain AEA records and support lobbying efforts to enhance the Engineering profession and U.S. Engineering capabilities.

Focus has to be on Engineering employment, opportunities and a future for our members.

Our opposition to the use of and importing foreign workers is

We need this to make things happen. Everyone can help.

To join and become a Member see

Post and circulate the following.

Reply to
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Indeed, the website characterizes OPT affiliation as ‘pretend’ employment, and specifically indicates the intent to convince the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) that the individual’s status is ‘legal.

“It appears that the entire purpose of is to provide false verifications of employment for Chinese nationals who are F-1 visa holders seeking to continue their stay in the United States via the OPT program,” writes a federal law enforcement officer in the criminal complaint. “Indeed, the website characterizes OPT affiliation as ‘pretend’ employment, and specifically indicates the intent to convince the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) that the individual’s status is ‘legal.’”
Chinese nationals seeking services from, according to the complaint, would be told to list Findream as their employer on visa documents.
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Why is the Wall Street Journal and CompTIA allowed to destroy the future of American citizens with propaganda like this?

Click on the menu option at the top that says “H-1B”.

Watch those 3 short videos.

Explain to me where the jobs and the demand is at after doing your math and realizing on average we are only creating about 79,000 more computer and mathematical jobs than we had in the previous year.

Nor is the drop off rooted in less demand for technology workers. CompTIA, a U.S. industry trade group, says there are currently 732,000 unfilled information technology jobs in the United States. Gartner warned in January 2019 that “talent” is now the top emerging threat for C-level executives.
The imbalance created by the demand for, and supply of, talent has created a widening skills gap which now poses “one of the greatest threats to our nation’s long-term economic prosperity,” according to Johnny Taylor, CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management.
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American Employers have spent 5 Billion Dollars destroying the future of American citizens.

That is what the title should have been.

“Employers have paid nearly $5 billion in mandated H-1B fees (currently $1,500 per a new or extended H-1B petition) that primarily fund scholarships for U.S. students and training for U.S. workers, a figure that rises to over $7 billion if one includes $1.6 billion in mandated anti-fraud fees and other government fees,” according to a new study from the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP).
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Yet there are no representatives of American workers on the council.

Trump has established the National Council on the American Worker to “Ensure all Americans can benefit from the nation’s historic economic boom and record low employment rates.” Yet there are no representatives of American workers on the council.
Still worse, IBM puts out advertisements on its own corporate website saying that Americans need not apply for jobs in the United States. Yet the CEO of IBM is on Trump’s Council for American workers — talk about letting the fox guard the chicken coop.
Who is advising Trump here?
Trump routinely meets with CEOs demanding more cheap foreign labor. Yet President Trump still has not met with American workers on that issue — you know, the folks who got him elected.
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Anjaneyulu Katam, 46, “manipulated the H-1B visa program,” the U.S. Department of Justice said in a news release.

Anjaneyulu Katam, 46, “manipulated the H-1B visa program,” the U.S. Department of Justice said in a news release.  “Katam falsified visa applications, work experience documents, and work contracts, which he then submitted to the U.S. Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State, in order to secure illegal H-1B visas for Indian nationals,” the department said.
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And the struggle to find a foothold is real.

What people need to know is that H4 EAD just gives a permission to find work. To go out there, put themselves in the job market, fight the competition and secure a job is totally the responsibility of an individual. And the struggle to find a foothold is real.
While many women find my position inspiring and ask me how I got where I am today, let me tell you my struggle was real, just like many, many other women. I came to the US on a dependent visa, too. I am engineer from IIT Kharagpur and have master’s in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I had successful career as a team lead in CISCO back in Bangalore, India, prior to coming here.
Once here, I found myself struggling to find a job. In Chicago, where my husband was posted, I began applying for jobs, but would not find jobs matching up to my experience. Disappointed, I began looking for simple coding jobs even though I am a network software developer – a very niche and specialized field. But still I found little luck.
I decided to shift to Bay Area with my daughter, while my husband was still in Chicago, to increase my chances of finding work, but all I got was small consulting jobs. Employers were more concerned about my job gap than my capabilities.
So, yes, to begin my career, once again in America, I had to start from the level of a fresh college graduate despite having a decade-long promising career. After working in many roles and many years, I finally got a company that offered to convert my dependent L2 visa to an H-1B. But to get there was a long, arduous journey.
And this is the story of many other women, too. It is important for everyone to know that while women themselves do compromise a bit on their careers when they choose to come with their spouses, the Trump administration’s effort to put an end to their careers legally is not justified.

not one single mention about how the flood of non-immigrant guest workers, both male and female has put an end to the American citizens careers, which wasn’t justified.

Folks, in a industry where we only create about 75,000 jobs per year on average, and we import on a H-1B visa alone the following numbers, not counting the other flavors of non-immigrant guest worker visas.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in
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Are labor costs the driving factor?

Yes, but they’re only one reason companies prefer to hire foreign workers. By offshoring, firms can also sidestep more-stringent U.S. workplace and environmental regulations, and take advantage of foreign government subsidies designed to lure foreign investment. They can also tap a labor pool that in many cases is better versed in math and science than the U.S. workforce is. Thus, offshoring has evolved from a simple matter of cutting labor costs to “a multidimensional value proposition,” as the Conference Board’s Ton Heijmen puts it. Part of the value is that foreign workers can be required to work under conditions that would be illegal in the U.S. In Shenzhen, China, for example, Foxconn, the subsidiary of a Taiwanese company, employs 250,000 people to assemble iPods and iPhones for Apple, working long, monotonous days with a handful of timed bathroom breaks. Foxconn workers earn an average wage of $292 a month. Last year 18 Foxconn employees at the Shenzhen complex attempted suicide, 14 successfully.
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Almost half of white Millennials say that discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.

From an economic point of view, immigration is good because it encourages specialization and thus efficiency. In a low-immigration world, an American accountant might have to pay $25 or $30 an hour for yard services by American-born landscapers. At that price, she might choose to do the yard work herself. If higher immigration lowers the price of landscaping work to $10 to $12 an hour, she may hire a landscaper and devote her newfound free time to extra accounting work. Instead of leaving the office at 5 p.m. to cook dinner for her family, she can stay until 6 o’clock and order from Postmates as she drives home. Or she can buy more services than she otherwise would. A lower bid from an immigrant-employing contractor might allow her to renovate her kitchen this year rather than postponing it to next year.
But all of this only happens because lower-earning immigrants displace the Americans who used to do the work at higher costs. You may ask, “So what happens to those displaced Americans?” The economist’s answer is that, pressed by immigrant competition, displaced American workers are driven to “upskill.” Perhaps a former landscaper learns some Spanish, and thus can act as the foreman of a crew of immigrants. Perhaps he shifts to sales or design work. Either way, the economic models say, everybody is better off.

What happens to those at the top who cannot “upskill” and who are deemed overqualified by every position below their previous occupation?

I will tell you from 16 years of my own experience – you will not get hired, you will lose everything, and when you finally hit bottom, you may get hired as a janitor at your local VA Hospital if you were a vet, but you will not be given the opportunity to work your way back up the ladder simply because those who are making those decisions do not believe your stories about what is happening in the job market.

And who can blame them when they have not experienced it first hand.

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For employers who rely on foreign professionals to supplement their U.S. workforce, debarment can devastate the employer’s U.S. business.

For example, the DOL memo suggests that the employer may accomplish this by posting a hard-copy message in a conspicuous location at the worksite and point interested parties to the location of the notice on the employer’s website. The hard-copy at the worksite need not repeat the content of the notice but could simply provide enough information to identify the employer and location of the notice, such as a URL. Employers should label notices on their website by occupation and location to avoid potential major problems during a Department of Labor investigation.

If you see one of these notices posted anywhere, take a picture with your phone and email it to me at and I will post it here for the World to see.

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David N. Bossie, where are the jobs that you say we need high skilled immigrants to fill?

Under President Trump’s leadership, it’s imperative that we stop the dangerous flood of illegal immigration. Separately, we need to welcome temporary high-skilled immigrants with PhD’s, Master’s, and strong educational qualifications to maintain U.S. economic superiority in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Cracking down on illegal immigration and supporting temporary high-skilled immigrants that add value to the U.S. economy is one area where Republicans and Democrats should come together, as we work to truly make America great again.

Let me show you a video I put together today.

Do your own research and arrive at your own conclusions.

The government data is linked below the video on youtube to make it easier for you.

Here is the video

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People like this cost me 1.6 million in lost wages, and all they do is get a slap on the wrist?

A Henrietta man convicted of selling illegal visas for specialized workers to enter the United States was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court in Rochester.
Anjaneyulu Katam, 46, who was convicted of visa fraud, was sentenced to 12 months and a day in federal prison and fined $5,000 by Chief U.S. District Judge Frank P. Geraci Jr.
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The two Chinese allegedly hired Chinese-Americans to take English-language tests on behalf of Chinese clients for $400 per test.

The two Chinese allegedly hired Chinese-Americans to take English-language tests on behalf of Chinese clients for $400 per test. The test opened the doors for the Chinese students to get Americans’ college slots, then F-1 student visas and job permits via two work-permit programs, dubbed Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT).
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a list of names of people that have destroyed your future in america

When these folks send their jobs to other countries, they decrease the amount of jobs that are available here in America.

When they import non-immigrant guest workers, they also decrease the amount of jobs that are available here in America.

Leaving you, your family, your children, and your descendants, eating cake.

The signers of the letter include:
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg
Walmart CEO Doug McMillon
General Motors CEO Mary Barra
Microsoft Corporation President Brad Smith
U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas Donohue
Koch Industries’ Martin Slark
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My American Dream is that I should be able to find work instead of wondering why H-1B visa-holders and their spouses have jobs, some of which are in I.T.

My American Dream is that I should be able to find work instead of wondering why H-1B visa-holders and their spouses have jobs, some of which are in I.T.  If I work, I know I have value, and I don’t have to worry about the government continuing to be able to send me those monthly checks.  A century ago, there were frontier areas where a person could go, clear land, and homestead, where government’s protection and its interference were both absent, and monthly expenses were paid for with hard work rather than dollars.  I’m too old and infirm to do that at this point, so I keep looking for my happiness in doing work within my capabilities.

Read more: 
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Even more propaganda about the OPT visas and how America is losing by not legalizing all of them.

America is a country made up of American citizens.

We lose when we force our own citizens out of the job market because we are not creating enough jobs because we are sending them to other countries which decreases the jobs available in America and because we are importing non-immigrant guest workers and students which also decreases the amount of jobs available for American citizens in America.

For years, these students have been the backbone of U.S. leadership in STEM fields, including in the research and development of AI. They pursue STEM degrees at unusually high rates and help universities maintain their academic programs’ size and quality. In fact, without international students, many universities wouldn’t have financially viablegraduate programs in crucial fields related to AI. This includes programs such as computer science and statistics, where, in 2015, international students made up 79 percent and 69 percent of full-time enrollment, respectively. Even at the best schools, international enrollment far surpasses domestic interest. At Carnegie Mellon University, which has the nation’s highest ranked AI program, 78 percent of graduate computer science students were international.
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This despite the fact that a recent National Foundation for American Policy study, conducted by economist Madeline Zavodny, concluded that there’s “no evidence that foreign students participating in the OPT program reduce job opportunities for U.S. workers.

Perhaps Madeline Zavodny should talk to American Tech Workers like myself who have been forced out of the tech industry?

The administration’s regulatory agenda also includes planes to eliminate or restrict international students’ ability to work after graduation on Optional Practical Training (OPT) in a science, technology, engineering or math field. This despite the fact that a recent National Foundation for American Policy study, conducted by economist Madeline Zavodny, concluded that there’s “no evidence that foreign students participating in the OPT program reduce job opportunities for U.S. workers….The OPT program is an important way for the U.S. to attract and retain foreign talent.”
In addition, USCIS has implausibly decided that IT services are not important to the country or the competitiveness of its companies. The agency has established far tougher adjudication standards for IT services companies, resulting in denials of 34 to 80 percent of H-1B petitions for new (initial) employment for several well-known companies that perform technical work for American businesses. Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of Everest Group, says, “Almost every major U.S. firm is building some form of digital platform so it can enhance its competitive position….The current skill shortages are going to grow as the demand for digital and IT skills explodes. If this administration wanted to harm U.S. competitiveness, then restricting access to this vital labor would be an excellent approach.”
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Why is it that NBC News will not let the voices of Americans displaced by non-immigrant guest workers be heard?

But the reality of life on a spousal visa turned out to be very different. Damani soon found that there were few employers willing to sponsor her for the proper work authorization. As she continued to fruitlessly look for work, she found herself struggling with depression and feelings of social isolation.
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Why won’t Senators Kamala Harris from California and Kirsten Gillibrand from New York stand up for Displaced American Citizens?

The move will have a major impact on Indian women as they are a major beneficiary of the Obama-era rule.

“Rescinding the H-4 rule will result in significant personal hardship to women who will be forced to abandon their professional careers,” the two senators wrote in their letter.

“Preventing women from engaging in employment can lead to isolation, depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt, and a loss of self-worth. Revoking a wife’s ability to work leaves her and her children entirely dependent on her spouse. Increased isolation — coupled with complete financial dependence — can make leaving an abusive relationship dangerous and, in some cases, impossible,” they wrote.

Asserting that independence and equal opportunity are fundamental American values, they said an action to deprive spousal H-4 visa holders the ability to continue to pursue their professional careers is antithetical to principles this country is built on.

“We urge you to consider the economic, psychological, and personal harms that rescinding the H-4 rule will cause to more than 100,000 professional women, their families, and their American communities,” they said.

Ten’s of thousands of American workers have seen their futures destroyed much worse than what they describe here, but you have never heard them speaking out for Americans in America who have endured these same economic, psychological, and personal harms.

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This is the sound made by the February jobs report—almost a crash landing.

Hmm. Trump is half right. We do have the strongest economy in the world. But native-born Americans are not the beneficiaries—not in February anyway.
The Household Survey is our sole source of job data by immigration status of workers. The February survey found 255,000 jobs were created, 12.8-times the anemic job growth reported in the Payroll Survey. Our analysis of the February survey finds that immigrants gained jobs bigtime, while Native-born Americans lost them.
In February:
Immigrant employment rose by 269,000—up 1.0%
Native-Born American employment fell 14,000—down by 0.01%
The immigrant employment index, set at 100.0 in January 2009, rose to 129.1 from 127.9 in January.
The Native-Born American employment index fell to 107.0 from 107.4 in January.
The New VDARE American Worker Displacement Index (NVDAWDI), our name for the ratio of immigrant to native-born employment growth indexes, rose to 120.7 in December – the second highest displacement level of the 122 months since January 2009. The all-time displacement high, 123.0, was set in April 2018 – an anomalous reading, we believe. (See the spike in the NEW VDAWDI graphic below.)
Native-born American workers lost ground to their foreign-born competitors throughout the Obama years;
 this trend accelerated significantly in the months leading up to the 2016 election. More than half way through his first term, President Trump is still very far from breaking this trend:
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I think it’s ironic that the union would be working to return to the university one of the principle architects that cost the university millions

Perhaps the union should be working in favor of the American IT workers that were displaced because of what this guy did? Following the 2015 suspensions, this news organization revealed that Wright State sponsored 19 foreign workers who came to the U.S. to work at an area information technology staffing company that paid the workers … Read moreI think it’s ironic that the union would be working to return to the university one of the principle architects that cost the university millions