Homeless Programmer?

Are you a homeless programmer?


Do you want to help in this effort?

What follows is a letter I wrote to the Department of Labor in reference to their apprenticeship grant program.

If you have any questions about this, you can reach me at vbiersch@gmail.com

Now I already know that they will find some excuse and say NO.

But I also know that if I don’t try, it will never happen either.

–Letter follows–


A lot of software developers with decades of experience, skills, wisdom, and knowledge are homeless or nearly homeless.

This is because private industry is sending jobs to other countries, and/or importing non-immigrant guest workers to take their jobs here at home.

The DOL is one of those agencies hiring non-immigrant guest workers on visas like the H-1B.

This is leaving qualified American software developers to essentially beg for support.


I myself have been begging for help, and I attended the retraining that was funded by the VRAP program which was a joint effort by the DOL and the VA where I was guaranteed in writing “Employment Assistance”.


This recent interview by US Techworkers explains very well why this is happening.

As you will hear, ageism is rampant and no matter what we do, we will not be interviewed, or hired, and as you saw in the link above I have been trying my best to find work with the United States Government with no success.

My point very simply is, this apprenticeship program will not solve our problem if organizations like DOL prefer to hire young non-immigrant guest workers instead of veterans and American born citizens who are over the age of 50.

Yes, I am very well aware that this is illegal, but with so many of us yelling fire, sooner or later the government will wake up and realize that there is a fire.

Now I am very sure you are going to tell me that I cannot apply for the grant because i’m not on the approved list, and I have no funds to obtain the legal corporate status either.

But I feel that the United States Government owes this to the software developers that they have thrown under the bus by burying their head in the sands of denial while hiding behind unemployment number propaganda that does not count those who have exceeded the U-6 specifications.

Here is my proposal.

I want to buy this building because it will house at a minimum 30, maybe 60 homeless software developers and provide a place for them to work and live.

That will require $175,000.

My understanding is that there is a $500,000.00 minimum grant, and the remaining funds will be utilized to pay them a weekly salary of $600.00 per week until the time that we can find work to help them rebuild their lives with.

Most importantly, I want the government, specifically the DOL to help us become approved to bid on government projects, and help us get started.

Wouldn’t this be better than awarding grants to institutions, and or employers who will not hire us?


Virgil Bierschwale

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