If job openings is so high, why is the labor force participation rate so low?

While the United States Government beats its chest and yells from the hills about the lowest unemployment rate ever, it is very easy to see what is happening if you know where to look.

This is the governments job openings chart for today, 11 Jul 2019

Looks like there are a lot of jobs available, doesn’t it?

Yet, when we look at the labor force participation rate for the same time period, we find this.

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Surely you don’t believe that these millions of people don’t want to work, do you?

It is very easy to see what is happening when we compare the foreign born employed data against the native born employed data.

To understand why Americans are not getting hired in America, you need to understand that it is not happening which the chart above shows, and you need to understand what is causing that, which the following article will show if you will take the time to read it.


As you can see, we are not getting hired in Private industry for the jobs we spent our lives training for.

So to stay employed, we seek less skilled work only to be told:

  • You’re overqualified.
  • You won’t stay when times get better
  • And more

So we who are veterans turn to government agencies like the Department of Veterans Affairs because after all, they hire vets, they are vets, and they are for vets.

Only to find out that we can’t work our way out of entry level positions like housekeeping that don’t pay enough to pay our bills.

We suspect age discrimination, but we can’t prove it, and without somebody to go to bat for us that is high up the ladder, we end up like this:

And eventually we end up trying something like this.

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