We need an unbiased source of news when it comes to Free Trade Agreements and non-immigrant guest worker visas simply because:

  • Without jobs, loyal customers cannot buy
  • Without customers, companies cannot sell

I’m sure most of you believe the unemployment propaganda that is being spread, but how many of you realize that there are actually 6 different measures and they are based on samples, rather than hard data.

You can view the latest numbers by clicking here.

And I will post the numbers as of 11 Apr 19 here:

Click to zoom in

The actual numbers are far worse as shown by shadowstats

Or as I show here:

Click to zoom in

You need facts to base your other investment decisions on.

I want to find those facts and display them here in an unbiased way.

I need $250,000.00 to take Keep America At Work to the next level

I am interested in hearing about any and all proposals, and / or suggestions on how I may accomplish this task.


vbiersch @

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