So T. Rowe Price wants to sue the Government so that they can deny your child a future?

Just think.

They want your investment dollars.

Yet at the same time they deny your child the ability to build their own future simply because they would rather hire a non-immigrant guest worker on a H-1B instead of your child.

Happy Thursday everyone, and welcome to Labor of Law. Lawyers for gig companies are grappling with a stream of regulatory developments. Plus: Deloitte’s expanded its U.S. legal ambitions in an alliance with Epstein Becker. Janet Dhillon’s issued her first public statement as EEOC chairwoman. And T. Rowe Price is suing over an H-1B denial. Scroll down for Who Got the Work, and more. I’m Mike Scarcella in Washington and you can reach me at and on Twitter @MikeScarcella. Thanks for reading!

Don’t believe there use of the H-1B is denying your child the opportunity to be all that they can be?

This chart shows who is getting the jobs when we compare Native Born Americans and Foreign Born Workers.

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