The once diverse tech workforces compromised of women, minorities, and workers of all ages has been replaced in large measure by young, male, foreign laborers, who are not “highly skilled,” nor better qualified than Americans to hold STEM jobs.

Washington is Listening – Make YOUR Voice Heard

On April 18, 2019, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services held a “Listening Session” on the 2-year anniversary of President Trump’s Buy American/Hire American Executive Order (BAHA EO).

With great respect and interest, Francis Cissna, the Director of USCIS, along with Molly Conway and Keith Sonderling of the U.S. Department of Labor and Mary Thomas of the U.S. Department of Justice listened to those in attendance providing facts and perspective.

Simultaneously, the current administration, in preparation of legal immigration reform, continued to host tech industry titans and America’s most influential corporate CEOsto understand their continued push for non U.S. labor and the favoring of foreign workers over Americans.  These Goliaths are powerful and vocal.

The Buy American/Hire American Executive Order was issued on April 18, 2017.  In support of “economic and national security,” the BAHA EO hoped to encourage U.S. citizens to be hired for U.S. jobs, using the specific language of “creating jobs” at “decent wages.”

It was a great honor and privilege to travel to Washington D.C. and participate alongside American patriots who hope to change the course of America’s future for the better.  We were the representative “Davids,” but in order to win this battle, every informed American citizen must act.

Today, I ask you to be be a positive force for change.  Here are the facts and links to enable your success:

In the absence of “data must stay laws,” the U.S. economy remains vulnerable to outsourcing entire departments and industries, incurring trillions in lost GDP to the American economy. More importantly, however, is the National Security risk associated with allowing U.S. entities, government and industry, to store U.S. data outside the confines of our national physical borders.

Restricting data within the U.S. is fundamental to achieving the BAHA EO’s intent of improving U.S. economic and national security.

The White House and USCIS want to hear from YOU!  Let them know Hilarie Gamm asked you to contact them directly.

Call the White House phone number below and tell them “You want them to enforce and improve the Buy American/Hire American Executive Order.”  Or send an e-mail to the USCIS e-mail address below with your own story of how legal immigration has hurt you or someone you know,  here are some ideas:

Educate Americans First:  Reduce F1 visas, Eliminate OPT, Create Policy to Disincentive American Universities from Admitting and Educating Foreign Students before Americans.

Hire Americans:  Eliminate H4EAD, Increase DOL’s  “Prevailing Wage,” Maintain or Reduce or Eliminate H1B, Restrict U.S. Employers from “silencing” laid off workers with gag restrictions, Require All Employers to report the number of foreign workers working directly or through a 3rd party, Create Policy to Disincentive American Corporations from relocating white collar, data centric jobs to foreign countries, Create Policy to Incentivize U.S. corporations to educate, train, and retain and retrain U.S. citizens

All you need to do is spend 30 seconds to call the White House or e-mail USCIS.

Share this post with everyone you know, on every platform you can access. 


The door is open; Washington is inviting you in.  Call or send an e-mail TODAY!

White House Phone Number: (202) 456-1111

USCIS email address:

Do not put it off, do not expect someone else to do it, do not strive for perfection.

The decisions made in 1990 produced the reality of harm to our nation and our nation’s citizens as described above.  It is 2019; YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE FUTURE and make things better for the next 25 years and for generations to come. Please Act Now!  Is so easy, just pick up the phone and call!

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