Why is the Foreign Born Civilian Labor Force growing and not the Native Born?

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Starting in 2007 our Civilian Labor Force was broken down into foreign born and native born.

In order to compare them accurately on a chart, I had to divide the native born portion by 6 so that they were in the same quantity range.

So many American are saying that they can’t get hired.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Do you think this is right for the future of our country that we force our own citizens out of work?

Think about it this way.

Our citizens are still having babies and starting families.

That means that if they were finding jobs to provide for their families, that the native born line would be growing as well, doesn’t it?

My spreadsheet is attached if you want to run the numbers yourself.

The data came from FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)

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5 thoughts on “Why is the Foreign Born Civilian Labor Force growing and not the Native Born?”

    • interesting comment.
      kind of hard for them to find work in what is pretty much a finite job market.
      After all, when you send jobs to other countries, that decreases the quantities of jobs available here in America.
      And then when you add insult to injury by importing non-immigrant guest workers, that also decreases the quantity of jobs available to Americans in America, doesn’t it?

  1. Not as lazy as India: Americans created Silicon Valley, India cannot even pick up its own trash.
    Oh and the ones that do come in? Well Americans TRAIN them too.
    We’re importing dumb lazy people from India.

    • Nutella: Like my son who was adopted from India at age 14 months & is now 23 & works two jobs but not enough to live on his own?

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